The Beguiling, Toronto, Ontario


Bury Art Museum, Bury, Greater Manchester

Gosh Comics, London


Cabot Street Books & Cards, Beverly, MA

Comicopia, Boston, MA

Comics Dungeon, Seattle, WA

The Copacetic Comics Company, Pittsburgh, PA

Desert Island, Brooklyn, NY

Gutter Pop Comics, Buffalo, NY

Isotope, San Francisco, CA

The Million Year Picnic, Cambridge, MA

Paper Asylum, Beverly, MA

Quimby's Books, Chicago, IL

Seite Books, Los Angeles, CA

Verbatim Books, San Diego, CA


If no stores carry the book in your area, you can always ask your favorite shop to get in touch with me, or you can buy any of my books direct from me, here. Or, you can check your local library. I know the Salem Public Library, the Beverly Public Library and the Ipswich Public Library carry copies of In Pieces